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Ruffles in Florence :: Off Shoulder top & Gucci Marmont bag

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We took a stroll down the Ponte Vecchio and grabbed some pizza and ice cream on our last day in Florence.  A short but sweet trip, Florence is still one of my favorite cities!

Since the day I got it, I’ve been wearing this ruffle top nonstop.  It’s pretty in photos, but even more beautiful in person.  The material is silky soft, the tiered ruffles flutter in the wind, and the design is just super chic!  And the best part… it’s 60% off!  Honestly, this Petersyn top is one of the best purchases I made this season (it’s available at Saks, Saks Off Fifth, Rue La La, and Gilt).

Pairing the feminine nature of the top with a sweet color, I coupled this off-shoulder piece with a lush rose colored bag (this is probably my favorite color from the Gucci GG Marmont collection!).  I wanted the white and pink color combo to shine, so I kept the rest of the look streamlined in beige shorts and white mules.

I hope you enjoyed the two Florence photo-stories (the other one in a blue maxi dress)!  And as always, thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

T O P :: Petersyn ruffle top (65% off)
B O T T O M :: old, similar Express beige shorts (under $25)
S H O E S :: Francesco Russo lace-up mules (60% off)
B A G  :: Gucci ‘Marmont’ bag
A C C E S S O R I E S :: Gentle Monster sunglasses | Tiffany & Co. bracelets |
Catbird thin choker | Parpala Jewelry coin necklace

:: Location ::

Ponte Vecchio | Florence, Italy

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Duomo di Firenze :: Maxi dress & Leather sandals

Hi everyone and greetings from Florence!  We flew home after Vietnam, repacked, and left for Florence.  Even though we’re only here for two days, we’re just so happy to be back in Florence!

This is my favorite type of dress for everything!  For travel, for summer nights, and most importantly, for dinners.  It’s my all-I-can-eat-and-still-look-presentable dress.  Super comfortable with an incredible amount of movement, this maxi dress is light, fun, and has pockets!  I actually love it so much that I bought two!  This sapphire blue dress and the emerald green dress (under $40).

Styling it with one of my favorite color combos, I paired the blue with orange.  This orange box bag is from Yuzefi.  A young brand started in 2015, Naza Yousefi designs are sculptural and sleek.  This particular bag, inspired by vintage camera holders, is my favorite!  Most of the accessories I’m wearing today are from emerging designers.  These comfy leather sandals are by LOQ, a brand founded in 2015, and the necklaces are by Parpala, a 4-year-old brand.

Hope you enjoy the styling, photography, and location!  As always, thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

D R E S S :: Target maxi dress (under $40)
B A G :: Yuzefi box bag
S H O E S :: LOQ leather sandals (similar Madewell sandals)
A C C E S S O R I E S :: Parpala Jewelry chain choker | Catbird thin choker | Parpala Jewelry coin necklace

:: Location ::

Duomo di Firenze | Florence, Italy

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3 Differences Between Woven and Printed Labels

The Difference between Woven and Printed Labels for Your Business

To choose the right clothing label for your products, you need to know how they differ as well as what benefits one type of label offers over another. There are certain circumstances where one kind of label would be more desired than another, and we want to point out a few of those instances and cover how printed labels and woven labels differ from one another. We are looking at these differences from a business perspective. You need to know how to choose the right one for your company.

The Detail
The major difference is how much detail these two types of labels can show. Printed labels can have as much detail as you like. They can show very minor components that can be easily discerned by the naked eye. Woven labels, on the other hand, have to be designed in such a way as to accommodate the fuzziness of the final look.

For instance, if you want words to show up legibly on woven labels, then they need to be large, capital letters. If you go for smaller, common letters, then you will get a label that might be difficult to read. Your brand name might not show up clearly and any message you are writing on the label will be very hard for your customers to make out. You even have to be careful with logos on woven labels, because if they are too small, then they may not show up properly and your logo may be tough to make out.

Of course, if you are choosing a clothing label for your company to be used on a number of products, then you need to factor in the cost when you are making your decision. You can’t necessarily afford an expensive label to be used for a large order. The increased cost can add up quickly and suck out your profits. Printed labels can be cheaper or the same price when compared to woven labels, but where the price usually differs is in the background color. With woven labels, you a choose a wide range of colors for the same price or nearly the same price as a simple white label. For printed labels, there are usually only one or two colors the label company will offer as standard. If you want something that’s a different color, then you will usually have to pay extra. Keep that in mind as you are making your decision.

How soon do you need your order of clothing labels? Not all types of labels take the same amount of time to produce, and you need to ask about that before you make your decision. If you need your order in just a few days, then you may be limited as to what type of label you use. Be sure to ask about the timeframe on the labels if it is important to you. New product launches and other timed events may not provide much leeway for you in terms of scheduling, so be sure to find out upfront how long you have to wait for the labels.

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