The Truth About Hair :: My Updated Hair Routine

Happy Monday everyone!  Trying something new today – a patent trench!  A favorite trend for a few seasons now, high shine coats were huge runway hits.  Even though I admired and drooled looking at some runway coats, I still think this style is very intimidating.  The glossy luster looks a little like Matrix dressing, and you know what?  After walking around in it, I started to feel like an action hero!  Because it’s such a statement piece, one of the best ways to style it is by softening the look.  I love pairing it with feminine details like a lace corset-style shirt or a light floral chiffon dress.  There’s always room to try something unexpected and new!

In addition to fashion, I always appreciate trying and learning something new.  One of my latest obsessions is hair.  More specifically, the science of hair.  I’m trying to take better care of my hair, and for me personally, one of the best ways to start is to understand it.  The structure of it, how it reacts, etc.

:: The Science of Hair | What I Learned ::

What is hair made of :: The main ingredient of human hair is a protein called keratin, which is also found in teeth, fingernails and toenails.

What happens when hair hits water :: After long exposure to water (not good news for me because I like long showers!), the hair becomes weak (keratin, same as nails… when we stay in the bath or shower for long, it becomes weak and brittle).  The inside core of the hair strand swells when water gets absorb into it.  This pushes the hair cuticles open, allowing more water into the hair.  Leaving it waterlogged weakens the hair, which leads to hair breakage and damage.

So water = bad for hair?! :: I don’t know about you, but this is new news to me!  I associate water with all things good… hydration, good for the skin, etc.  But not with hair?!  Long exposure to water on hair = water fatigue (see above).  This leads to breakage, frizz, damage, tangles, and dullness.  As demonstrated below, wet hair stretches significantly more and is weaker than dry hair.  Please forgive my weight system.  Both sides contain the same items – pair of earrings, bracelets, house keys, and coin pouch =)

Ok, so now what? :: If you like your shower time (honestly I do!) and nothing in your hair routine changes (we’ll talk about shampoo and conditioner another time), it’s important to zap water out of our hair as quickly as possible.  Getting our hair from a wet state to damp state is vital to containing the swelling and stretching.  Once the majority of the water is zapped out (from wet to damp), our hair regains it’s strength (does not swell or stretch as much) it can better withstand the stress of heat and styling.

Ok, so now now what?! ::  Our hair towel is actually very important in all of this.  Which is honestly the last thing I think about, but the truth of it is that the towel is the first thing that comes in contact with our hair once we leave the shower.  In fact, it is the first thing we use to dry our hair.  Because it is the first defense against water, our hair towel needs to have the ability to get water out of our water fast.  This part is my favorite part… my Aquis hair turban.

A traditional bath towel doesn’t work as well simply because it has poor absorbency.  And air-drying our hair prevents it from heat damage, but our hair still suffers from water fatigue by being wet.  I’ve been using the Aquis hair turban and hair towel for months now and notice a huge difference in hair drying time (it gets water out of my hair fast, thus cutting down my hair blow-drying time), shine (my hair is shinier and healthier), and that my styling products hold better.  I love talking about this with friends and this is one of my go-to gifts for the holidays and in care packages.  It’s one of those gifts that everyone appreciates, because you end up using it all the time!

 I hope you enjoyed this hair tour we just did.  I was an elementary school science teacher, so I love learning and sharing the science behind anything, especially beauty and hair.  As always, thank you so much for reading!  And special thanks to Aquis for partnering on this post!

:: Outfit ::

H A I R ::  Aquis hair turban (also love the hair towel!) *code “WENDY15” for 15% off!
T O P ::  DVF patent trench coat | Alexander Wang top
B O T T O M ::  Forever 21 shorts
S H O E S ::  Gianvito Rossi lace-up booties

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Spring Beauty :: Ruffle top & All things Beauty

Happy Monday everyone!  Kicking off the week with a spring look and a beauty update.  A combination of stripes, sequins, bows, pompoms, and a dash of intense red, this outfit to me captures the spirit of spring.  It’s light, flowy, and fun!

I’ve switched up my regular deep red lip color for a more bright red one today (from Stila ‘Fiery’ red to YSL #10).  This color is quite beautiful!  Vibrant and intense while leaving a matte tattoo-like deep pink-red color stain behind.  The other two colors are also my favorite – #28 (bottom color swatch) is a neutral beige pink color and #8 (middle color swatch) is a rich burgundy color.

Speaking of beauty updates, Sephora is currently (today is the last day!) having a Beauty Insider Event where you can get up to 15% off purchases!  I’m a Beauty Insider member for over 7 years now and really enjoy all of the perks (deals, rewards, samples, and one-of-a-kind experiences).  If you’re not a Sephora Beauty Insider member, it’s actually free to sign up (sign up here)!

Every time Sephora has their beauty events, I always stock up on favorites!  For beauty items, I love the Marc Jacobs eyeliners and YSL Tatouage matte lip stains!  Both have incredible staying power.  For the blushes, I’m trying out these two, the Hourglass blush and Givenchy Prisme blush.  I’m really hoping they’ll become my go-to colors!

For skincare and hair, these are my absolute favorites!  I alternate between the SK-II & Tatcha essence, and these are my third/forth/fifth refills on Biossance products.  I wash my face with the Philosophyexfoliating face wash everyday and it significantly helps get rid of dullness and uneven texture.  For hair care, the pink towel is my Aquis hair towel and I use it every time after washing my hair.  It cuts drying time by half.  Will talk more about it soon!

:: B E A U T Y ::

  YSL Tatouage matte lip stain #28, #8, #10 | Marc Jacobs eyeliner | Hourglass blush | Givenchy Prisme blush

:: S K I N C A R E  &  H A I R ::

SK-II essence & Tatcha essence | Biossance squalane rose oil & SPF 45 | Philosophy exfoliating face wash | Aquis hair towel

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:: O U T F I T ::

  Carolina Constas top | ASOS skirt | Nannacay straw bag | BaubleBar sequin earrings | No.21 pumps

Thank you so much for reading and happy beauty hunting!  And special thanks to Sephora for partnering on this post!

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Sunday Spotlight :: All About Denim

Happy Sunday everyone!  We’re gearing up for a very special trip.  Can’t wait to tell you more about it!  In the meantime, I wanted to share another fashion theme that’s classic for spring… denim!

The versatile denim comes in all shapes and cuts… jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, jackets, and more.  And no matter how many I have, I always take a peek at new denim pieces and styles regardless of season.  Denim is a piece that can be seamlessly integrated into any wardrobe, and once we find our favorite, it’s in constant rotation (for me, it’s my boyfriend jeans!).  Below are my favorites this season and all of them are under $100. 

:: How to Style Boyfriend Jeans / Distressed Jeans ::

Distressed boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans are quite timeless and versatile.  And they’re so much fun!  With boyfriend jeans… due to the oversized nature of the cut, I love pairing them with feminine tops (with a ruffle top here, with a lace top here, a draped off-shoulder top here) to create a boy-meets-girl vibe.

With distressed skinny jeans, the pairing options are limitless.  They’re great with chunky knits for a relaxed chic look, with silk blouses for a causal refined look, and also with some dresses (as seen here)!  And when it comes to the ‘distressed’ part, you can also DIY it!  If you have a pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in awhile and want to give it new life, take out the scissors and chop chop!  Just in case you’re interested, here’s my DIY video.

This video is over 6 years old, thus the thin eyebrows and funky hair LOL.  Moving on to jean/chambray tops…

:: How to Style Chambray Tops / Jean Shirts ::

Chambray tops and jean shirts have a natural relaxed feel, so I love pairing them with statement bottoms.  A floral skirt (as seen here), yes.  A sequin skirt (as seen here), double yes!  It really helps tone down the overall look and feel.  For a denim on denim look, the Canadian tuxedo, I recommend one to two shades off or with white or black jeans.  Denim has the ability to highlight our body shapes, so lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect.  So for a double denim look, the most flattering combination is lighter denim on top with dark denim jeans.

:: How to Style Denim Shorts / Jean Skirts ::

Shorts are one of my favorite things on earth!  I’m very attached to my shorts!  Denim shorts are extremely easy to style… I love them with an oversized turtleneck sweater for fall (as seen here), with a blazer for a more polished look (as seen here), with lace tops for a soft delicate feel (as seen here), basically with everything!  With denim skirts, I love it when they’re a little interesting.  An asymmetric cut here, a cutout hem there, etc.  Like shorts, they’re great with simple t-shirts (as seen here) to intricate embellished blouses.

  1. BP. Peplum Top :: This peplum denim top is so charming!  For spring/summer, wear it on it’s own.  For fall/winter, layer it over a turtleneck.

2. Caslon Chambray Shirt :: This one is a classic!  Super soft and comfy, this shirt is great for everyday and every season.

3. Vince Camuto Frayed Denim Sandals :: Highly rated (almost 5 stars at over 550 reviews), these sandals are the perfect denim accents!  A lower block heel for comfort, they’re beautiful with mini lengths and with maxi dresses.

4. Free People Denim Shorts :: Done and can I have another?!  These distressed shorts are great with a white button-up shirt for a clean seamless look and with an off-shoulder top for a fun weekend look.

5. Topshop Oversized Jacket :: I just ordered this!  A classic denim jacket is definitely a closet essential!  This jacket has the right amount of “oversized” where it’s relaxed in shape, but doesn’t overpower our frame.

6. Topshop Boyfriend Jeans :: This has a boyfriend jeans vibe, but more of a girlfriend jeans cut.  It’s a tad slimmer than the classic oversized boyfriend jeans shape, but equally versatile.

7. BP. Newsboy Cap :: Last year I bought a bunch of newsboy caps and recently wore one while I was traveling through London & Amsterdam (as seen here).  This denim version is different and great for spring/summer!

8. Topshop Midi Skirt :: I love the split hem and hourglass silhouette on this midi shirt!  It’s great with a white tee loosely tucked in for a casual vibe and with a slim black turtleneck for a sleek autumn look.

 9. Free People Skinny Jeans :: This color is really beautiful and versatile, and the cropped length makes it great with sneakers, flat boots, to heels.

10. Madewell Ruffle Dress :: I had to find a denim dress with ruffles for this list!  This one is so charming!  Great for brunch, the beach, Farmer’s Market, and everything in between!

Spring/summer = denim 🙂  I hope this was helpful and happy denim hunting!  Thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon!

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Get That Perfect Rugged Look For Your Apparel

Leather Patches Are Perfect for a Rugged Look

The leather jacket has long been the quintessential cool look for men and women alike. James Dean made it a staple of a man’s wardrobe in his Hollywood heyday, and television characters like “The Fonz” from Happy Days ensured that its association with effortless cool was maintained from one generation to the next. Whether they are bomber jackets or biker vests, the leather jacket has never lost its inheritance over the last few decades, and there is little chance that this is going to change anytime soon.

In order to not look like every other person wanting to be the next cool guy or gal, many people will personalize their leather jackets. They’ll put leather patches on the back, arm or shoulder to signify their allegiances, fandom or patriotism. It’s not uncommon for people to emblazon their jackets with the flag of their country, the insignia of their group or even the name of their company. It’s a way to show people what they stand for and add some character to a wardrobe staple.

It doesn’t have to cost you a lot to add on patches to a leather jacket that someone already has an attachment to. The work doesn’t have to jeopardize their favorite clothes either. It can be added skillfully and inexpensively to any kind of leather product to make it stand out and become a personal statement.

Adding a leather patch to a jacket can be an excellent way to add value or longevity to something that maybe seems out of style for an individual or that may not be something that fits with their typical apparel choices.

Of course, leather patches can be added to a wide range of garments. Denim (including jeans and coats), khaki, cotton and more can all be fitted with leather patches that are made to fit well with their overall design and that can be permanently attached without harming the material they are attached to. Leather patches also look great on caps and hats of all kinds, giving consumers a way to proudly show off the groups they support or sports teams they favor. This is a great alternative to buying branded apparel, as consumers can have their own apparel made to their specifications.

While leather patches are typically associated with a cool or rugged look, they have other uses as well. They will almost always have a rugged look to them, though, and that can add some real character to clothing that seems simple, elegant or modern and that could benefit from a more grounded or personalized look.

Custom leather patches allow consumers to put their own spin on clothes that they purchase or that they have had sitting around for a while. This can breathe new life into otherwise simple clothes and transform them into something entirely different, in a way that is inexpensive.

It’s also a great way for companies to promote their brand, showing that they have some character and ruggedness to them and creating a persona to their brand.

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